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Risky Business

Unless we time travel, foresight is blind; only hindsight is 20/20!  Operating a business, we make decisions every day and accept that a certain amount of risk comes with the territory. Fortunately, as leaders we can use all our senses to get by – including common sense […]

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Small Business Resources: Grow to Learn… Learn to Grow…

Updated March 2020 “Knowing is half the battle!”  This important life lesson, (borrowed from GI Joe), totally applies to business.  Knowledge is power and the more we know and can do, the higher the odds of our success. It’s the reason we pursue higher education, professional development, and […]

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Recognizing the True Value of “Free”

Have you ever signed up for a free event and not showed up?  How about receiving a complimentary voucher for a meal at a local restaurant and not using it before it expired? On the other hand, has your business ever sponsored an educational program at no-cost […]

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It’s a Brain Thing!

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to lose focus when someone is speaking?  Or why you sometimes struggle to listen attentively, or pay attention, even if you are interested in the conversation? Well, first of all – know that you’re not alone; and second – there […]

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