Professional Development & Learning Services

Welcome to U Learn Enterprises, Inc.

We help you identify your team’s hidden opportunities, and turn them into competitive strengths.
Because people are key to every organization’s success, we offer an array of Professional Development and Learning Services, including:

  • Performance Consulting
    • identify operational leadership and workforce opportunities
  • Instructional Design
    • learner-centric, interactive, and application-based for classroom, virtual, and elearning solutions
  • Curriculum Development
    • targeted tactical and strategic learning plans
  • Professional Development
    • enabling leaders, subject matter experts, and trainers to lead and deliver training to their teams more effectively
  • Facilitation
    • in-person and web delivery
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Partner with ULE and let us help you maximize your Human Resource investment and realize your team’s full potential.

Our motto “Grow to Learn…Learn to Grow” reflects our belief that organizations which foster a learning culture will reap the rewards of an educated, innovative, engaged, empowered, and united team of employees. Such a force is resilient through difficult times, and unstoppable otherwise.

Reveal Hidden Talent & Opportunities

… already present in your organization. It is often as simple as providing the ‘right’ combination of challenges, training and incentives that can set a positive harmonious tone across any diverse workforce. Our expert staff has many years of experience recognizing and cultivating your ‘diamonds-in-the-rough’.

… everybody wins …

Done correctly our proven approach will foster an environment that encourages teamwork and a shared vision for the success of your entire organization. ULE will not only train your current management teams, we also specialize in honing them to recognize real potential downline, motivating and passing on their leadership abilities to your future trendsetters and trailblazers.